What is a Gray Divorce?

By Matt Rooney __ “Gray divorce” isn’t a legal term, but it’s a phenomenon that is having a bigger impact on American society. It’s true that overall divorce rates have generally declined in recent years. Some of this trend can be explained by declined marriage rates. In 1960, almost three-quarters of all U.S. adults were […]

Matt Rooney Named “Top Divorce & Family Attorney” by SJ Magazine

DeMichele & DeMichele, P.C. would like to congratulate our attorney and colleague Matt Rooney for being recognized as a 2018 “Top Attorney” by SJ Magazine. ___ SJ Magazine “Top Attorneys” are selected through a poll in which only fellow New Jersey attorneys are permitted to nominate and vote for their colleagues working in a variety of practice areas. Attorney are […]

N.J. might let marriage counselors, social workers initiate firearm seizures

Marriage counseling often proceeds the initiation of divorce litigation for patently obvious reasons. Even when the divorce complaint is filed, separating couples often continue to utilize various types of mental health professionals — including social workers and counselors — for helping with the family’s transition and navigating custody and parenting time impasses. A2938, a bill which […]

Dating during divorce: is it okay?

Easily one of the most common questions I get from my divorce clients – not typically at the first meeting but inevitably before too long – is “will it hurt my case if I start dating?“ It’s a loaded question! Especially headed into the Valentine’s Day weekend… Luckily, it’s also one that’s easy to analyze […]

SCOTUS landmark gay marriage ruling affirms status quo for New Jersey same sex couples

Historic ruling is largely symbolic for the Garden State where same-sex marriage has been legal since Fall 2013 Friday’s landmark ruling by the United State Supreme Court in Obergefell v. Hodges will feature prominently in law school text books for decades to come, having made gay marriage the de facto law of the land in a close […]

Same Sex Marriage’s First Day in New Jersey

Monday, Oct. 21 Marks the First Opportunity for Garden State Gay Couples to Marry Today is a historic moment for the State of New Jersey; it’s the first day when it is legal to perform same sex marriages in the Garden State. Officials expect marriages to take place across the state as same sex couples […]

Gay Marriage Faces Critical New Test in New Jersey

What Does Last Week’s Major Mercer County Decision Mean for Same Sex Couples? A Few Things… As our own Rick DeMichele told CBS KYW radio back in May, it is only a matter of time before New Jersey’s courts once again take up the issue of same sex marriage. Sure enough, they’ve once again waded […]

Legislature Moves to Strengthen Premarital Agreements

New Law Makes It Harder to Modify, Set Aside Premarital or Pre-Civil Union Agreements in New Jersey Family Court Among the bills signed into law by Governor Chris Christie at the end of last week’s legislative session in Trenton was S-2151/A-3315, a law designed to strengthen New Jersey premarital or pre-civil union agreements. Click here to […]

What is the Matrimonial Early Settlement Program (MESP)?

Understanding the Matrimonial Early Settlement Program MESP You are going through your divorce.  You have carefully completed your case information statement, tirelessly worked on completing your answers to interrogatories, and collected all the relevant documents for your document production.  The evaluations for your real estate, closely held businesses and personal property have all been completed. […]

Rick DeMichele Interviewed on KYW 1060

DeMichele Gives Analysis of Same Sex Marriage to CBS Radio’s Dave Madden Yesterday Delaware enacted a law that permits same sex marriage.  The law becomes effective July 1, 2013. Today, our Rick DeMichele was interviewed by CBS Radio journalist David Madden.  Rick, shared his thoughts on the potential impact the Delaware law would have on New Jersey family law.  The interview is currently airing and you can listen live to […]

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