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Monday, Oct. 21 Marks the First Opportunity for Garden State Gay Couples to Marry

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Today is a historic moment for the State of New Jersey; it’s the first day when it is legal to perform same sex marriages in the Garden State.

Officials expect marriages to take place across the state as same sex couples seek to take advantage of a recent Court decision which legalized gay marriage after two legislative impasses.

We’ve been tracking this issue very closely over the past few years.

For those who have not been following along, at the end of September, the Assignment Judge of Mercer County’s Superior Court handed down a ruling in Garden State Equality v. Dow which had the effect of mandating the issuance of marriage licenses to same sex couples beginning today, October 21st.

The Christie Administration appealed the Mercer decision and requested a “stay,” a procedural mechanism which prohibits the granted relief from taking effect until the appeal is decided. In this case, a stay would have estopped the issuance of licenses for the time being. The New Jersey Supreme Court, however, formally denied this request on Friday.

Then, on Monday, the Administration announced that it would no longer pursue an appeal, rendering gay marriage legal in New Jersey.

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Post Author: Matt Rooney

is a New Jersey attorney, former Superior Court law clerk, and noted commentator who focuses his practice on family law, municipal court defense, and personal injury matters. He was recognized by SJ Magazine as a 2018 “Top Divorce & Family Attorney."