Matt Rooney Named “Top Divorce & Family Attorney” by SJ Magazine

DeMichele & DeMichele, P.C. would like to congratulate our attorney and colleague Matt Rooney for being recognized as a 2018 “Top Attorney” by SJ Magazine. ___ SJ Magazine “Top Attorneys” are selected through a poll in which only fellow New Jersey attorneys are permitted to nominate and vote for their colleagues working in a variety of practice areas. Attorney are […]

New Jersey Court: Trying to Get Your Ex Fired Could Result in a Restraining Order

Ocean County Judge: Attempting to Get Your Ex-Spouse Fired Could Result in a Restraining Order Against You! By Matt Rooney | DeMichele & DeMichele, P.C. Most non-lawyers associate physical acts with domestic violence. Victims know the truth can prove to be a lot more complicated. A recent unpublished (and therefore not “controlling” upon other courts) decision in C.G. v. E.G. […]

Supreme Court affirms gun restrictions in wake of domestic violence

We’re always keeping an eye on developments at the state and federal levels in the event that a decision impacts our clients. On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in Voisine v. United States could have such an impact. Parties Stephen Voisine and William Armstrong challenged a federal law that prohibits someone convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence of owning […]

New Jersey to reexamine handling of domestic violence cases

Chief Justice Rabner forms ad hoc committee to “conduct an in-depth review of our current domestic violence laws and policies” Domestic violence is once again a topic of national discussion after the release of the controversial Fifty Shades of Grey movie. While I doubt many of our New Jersey Supreme Court justices have seen the film (let alone […]

D&D Supports Fight Against Domestic Violence

DeMichele & DeMichele attorneys attend annual fundraiser for Camden County Women’s Center Domestic violence is a serious problem, both nationally and right here in our South Jersey community, and one that we are committed to confronting. It’s a regular topic of discussion here at our legal blog, but the D&D team devotes time to the issue outside […]

D&D Attorney Analyzes ‘Gun Restraining Order’ Proposal on Fox 29

ROONEY: Process Proposed by Senator “[c]ould actually take months and cost you a lot of money and court time to get your weapons back” DeMichele & DeMichele attorney Matt Rooney visited with the Fox29/My9’s Chasing New Jersey on Monday to discuss a controversial new proposal from the New Jersey legislature whereby an individual could obtain a ‘gun restraining order’ allowing police […]

10 “Dont’s” of a Domestic Violence Temporary Restraining Order (TRO)

What Not to Do When You Get a TRO Understanding what has happened is vital for somebody who is accused of domestic violence. What do we mean? The temporary restraining order (“TRO”) that a defendant receives is a formal order which is many pages in length and can be quite confusing. Worse yet, a Temporary […]

Domestic Violence Bill Vetoed

Legislation Would Establish Trial Monitoring Program in Ocean County Back in December 2013, we told you about a proposal drafted by state four primary sponsors including Assemblyman Ronald Dancer of Ocean County and Troy Singleton of Burlington County, A321 (S2910 is the Senate companion version), which if enacted would “designate $1 million in state funds for […]

Legislators Push Electronic Monitoring for Domestic Violence Perpetrators

Ocean County Pilot Program Could Dramatically Increase the Expense and General Ramifications of Final Restraining Orders in New Jersey A spate of high-profile instances of domestic violence is leading to a fresh focus on the issue from lawmakers around the country including right here in New Jersey. In November, one Mercer County legislator proposed creating […]

Violating Restraining Orders Can Carry Severe Consequences

Significant Jail Time and Huge Fines May Result from Restraining Order Violations A domestic violence restraining order is easily one of the most misunderstood instruments in the family law practice area. The entry of a “final” restraining order occurs when the Court finds that the defendant (1) committed an enumerated “predicate” act of domestic violence against […]

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