When will the judge hear my N.J. family court motion?

By Matt Rooney _ Planning ahead is important, and family court is certainly no exception to the rule. Unless you can meet the stringent threshold for an emergent motion, your New Jersey family court motion could take a month or longer to work its way from your attorney’s office’s mail bin to an actual hearing […]

What is a Gray Divorce?

By Matt Rooney __ “Gray divorce” isn’t a legal term, but it’s a phenomenon that is having a bigger impact on American society. It’s true that overall divorce rates have generally declined in recent years. Some of this trend can be explained by declined marriage rates. In 1960, almost three-quarters of all U.S. adults were […]

Matt Rooney Named “Top Divorce & Family Attorney” by SJ Magazine

DeMichele & DeMichele, P.C. would like to congratulate our attorney and colleague Matt Rooney for being recognized as a 2018 “Top Attorney” by SJ Magazine. ___ SJ Magazine “Top Attorneys” are selected through a poll in which only fellow New Jersey attorneys are permitted to nominate and vote for their colleagues working in a variety of practice areas. Attorney are […]

Who gets the ring in a New Jersey divorce?

By Matt Rooney _ It is not uncommon for divorcing spouses to inquire as to who gets to keep one of any couple’s most expensive pieces of personal property: the engagement ring. While there are few “bright-line rule” in family court, this particular issue is relatively straightforward for most divorce litigants.  In New Jersey, engagement […]

DeMichele Shares Insight on Ethical Advocacy for Rich & Famous Divorce Clients

On Thursday and Friday this, firm attorney Rick DeMichele is presenting a Continuing Legal Education (CLE) class to the attendees at the New Jersey Child Support Training Conference. Rick’s ethics presentation is titled “Ethically Advocating for the Rich or Famous Divorcing Client.”  New Jersey lawyers who attend this seminar are eligible for 1.5 ethics credits. Lawyers who attend the conference […]

Yes, a married couple’s savings habits factor into N.J. alimony

The actual assets you and your spouse own — homes, vehicles, bank account balances, retirement accounts, etc. — are subject to equitable distribution when you’re undergoing a divorce in New Jersey. That’s a different subject for a different divorce post. Today’s inquiry: Does a pattern of regular savings during the course of a marriage factor into […]

N.J. Supreme Court considers whether ex-wife deserves $2.25M post-divorce payout

What happens when the marriage ends but monies earned during the marriage arrive in your checking account or mailbox? The New Jersey Supreme Court is currently considering that question. Defendant Bernice Aucoin-Thieme wants New Jersey’s top court to rule that equitable distribution is based on a couple’s total time together and not just their married time […]

5 Tips for Negotiating Your New Jersey Divorce Settlement

Five Tips to Help Settle Your Divorce In New Jersey, the vast majority of divorce cases settle without having a divorce or dissolution trial. In most cases, at some time during the litigation the parties will enter into some type of negotiation. The settlement negotiation can occur in various forms. The negotiation can be direct between […]

What is the MESP? And what does it mean for my New Jersey divorce?

Matrimonial Early Settlement Panel (MESP) as a tool to move your divorce to its conclusion If you filed for divorce in New Jersey and don’t settle in the early days, then you’re going to participate in a unique process colloquially referred to by family law practitioners as an “MESP.” The what? For starters, this program is […]

Real Estate Taxes and Divorce

Real Estate Taxes and Equitable Distribution; Value From Two Different Perspectives It’s the family residence, but in the divorce context, we’re dealing with the former marital home.   “Can I keep our home?” is a question that divorce lawyers hear on a regular basis. The answer is a familiar one for lawyers providing advice to clients: “It depends.” On what? […]

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