DeMichele & DeMichele has an extensive real estate practice that includes both transactions and litigation. The firm represents Buyers and Sellers of residential and commercial real estate. We advise and assist each client in all phases of the transaction and tailor our services to the needs of each individual client. Our legal services in residential real estate transactions include the following:
  • Draft and/or review of the Contract for Sale.
  • Negotiating the terms and conditions of the Contract for Sale.
  • Coordinate home inspections and negotiate resolutions defects or necessary repairs discovered during the home inspection.
  • Review of Survey.
  • Review of Title Insurance.
  • Draft and review of Deed and Affidavit of Title.
  • Attendance at Closing to ensure the efficient conclusion to the transaction.
DeMichele & DeMichele offers reasonable flat rates for representing Buyers and Sellers of residential real estate. Similarly, DeMichele & DeMichele represents commercial clients in all phases of complex commercial transactions. We are experienced in negotiating Contracts for Sale, as well as Leases. We also advise investors on the benefits of a tax deferred exchange of real estate in order to take advantage of the tax benefits afforded by IRS section 1031. By using our services, most commercial clients complete the transaction in an efficient and effective manner, while always being fully informed on the status of the transaction.