When will the judge hear my N.J. family court motion?

By Matt Rooney _ Planning ahead is important, and family court is certainly no exception to the rule. Unless you can meet the stringent threshold for an emergent motion, your New Jersey family court motion could take a month or longer to work its way from your attorney’s office’s mail bin to an actual hearing […]

Will federal tax reform kill the alimony deduction?

It now appears very likely that Congress will pass a tax reform package, one which the President will sign into law. What’s less clear is exactly what that final legislation will look like since the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate passed significantly different bills. That means a conference between the two separate houses […]

Firm obtains ideal child support, custody decision in Burlington County

Helping New Jersey parents resolve difficult child support and child custody disputes is at the heart of what we do here at DeMichele & DeMichele. Recently, D&D attorney Matt Rooney was successful in representing a single mother of three children for whom the biological father, among other alleged shortcomings, neglected to provide any financial support. In […]

Yes, a married couple’s savings habits factor into N.J. alimony

The actual assets you and your spouse own — homes, vehicles, bank account balances, retirement accounts, etc. — are subject to equitable distribution when you’re undergoing a divorce in New Jersey. That’s a different subject for a different divorce post. Today’s inquiry: Does a pattern of regular savings during the course of a marriage factor into […]

Can I Go to Jail for Overdue Alimony?

Answer: Overdue Support Obligations Can Result in Severe Consequences Including Incarceration It’s a familiar story with which experienced family attorneys are well-acquainted: a New Jersey spouse paying spousal support or “alimony” on the basis of an income level that he or she no longer earns.  Here are the basic details of one specific litigant’s story from Fox 29/My9: […]

Imputed Income in Family Court

New Jersey Family Courts May Impute Income When Setting Child or Spousal Support Determining the appropriate child or spousal support obligation is often straightforward but can be very complicated, too. A number of factors could influence the ultimate amount. At the top of that list is the income of the respective parties. But what happens […]

DMX’s Staggering Child Support Arrears

Massive Child Support Arrears Are Often An Avoidable Problem Child support affects average folks as well as the rich and famous. Dr. Phil recently interviewed the famous 1990s/early 2000s Americans rapper DMX; it had been reported that DMX owed $1.23 million in back child support. DMX responded by noting that his income is significantly lower […]

New Jersey High Court to Consider Palimony Case

Will the Statue Requiring Palimony Agreements to be in Writing be Applied Retroactively? We have written extensively about the state of palimony law in New Jersey.  In February of this year we discussed the Beverly Maeker v William S. Ross decision and whether an  oral palimony agreement that predated N.J.S.A. 25:1-5(h) was enforceable.  See Case Alert: Palimony Law Gets […]

NJ Child Support and Work-Related Day Care

What Happens When One Parent Wants to Compel the Other Parent to Pay for a Day Care or Summer Camp? Calculating child support consumes a significant portion of any New Jersey family attorney’s time and, as I explained last week, online child support calculators should never be relied on for accuracy since they do not […]

What is the Matrimonial Early Settlement Program (MESP)?

Understanding the Matrimonial Early Settlement Program MESP You are going through your divorce.  You have carefully completed your case information statement, tirelessly worked on completing your answers to interrogatories, and collected all the relevant documents for your document production.  The evaluations for your real estate, closely held businesses and personal property have all been completed. […]

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