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It’s no secret that New Jersey has among the highest automobile insurance rates in the country. Why? Among other reasons including nearly unparalleled traffic congestion, a recent 2009 study found up to 8% of New Jersey motorists are “uninsured.” Many more are on the roads despite the fact that they are “underinsured.”

And what do those terms mean, anyway?

An “uninsured motorist” is an individual who caused your injuries while operating his or her vehicle without any insurance coverage. In this situation, you will be able to collect from your insurance company and recoup damages only if you opted for uninsured motorist coverage.

By contrast, an “underinsured motorist” is someone responsible for your injuries who has purchased only the minimum policy required by state law. You will be able to collect from your insurance company and recoup damages exceeding the responsible underinsured party’s policy limits only if you have purchased underinsured motorist coverage.

If you’ve been in an accident yourself, one or more of the responsible parties may be either “uninsured” or “underinsured.” If they are, you may need professional help ensuring your right to recovery. That’s because the old saying “you can’t get blood from a stone” is true of personal injury claims.

For example, you may have been badly injured in a car accident where a drunken driver struck you from behind and pushed you off the road. John Doe drunken driver is adjudged 100% liable by a jury of his peers. Your attorney does a great job and, subsequently, you recover a $300,000.00 personal injury reward at trial. Congratulations!

But what happens if the responsible party has no assets to pursue? Moreover, what happens when the responsible, asset-poor party’s insurance turns out to be completely insufficient (underinsured) — or entirely nonexistent (uninsured)?

You don’t have to go through this murky process alone. The personal injury attorneys at DeMichele & DeMichele will evaluate your claim, explain the litigation process and, should you decide to proceed, vigorously pursue the physical and medical evidence necessary to establish a successful personal injury case.

To arrange a free personal injury consultation with DeMichele & DeMichele, please click here to contact us online today or call (856) 546-1350 to speak with one of our attorneys.


Post Author: Matt Rooney

is a New Jersey attorney, former Superior Court law clerk, and noted commentator who focuses his practice on family law, municipal court defense, and personal injury matters. He was recognized by SJ Magazine as a 2018 “Top Divorce & Family Attorney."