American Bar Association Midyear Meeting Report

Throughout my legal career I have been honored to serve in various leadership capacities for various Bar Associations.  Currently, I serve as the Camden County Bar Association’s delegate to the American Bar Association’s House of Delegates.  As part of my duties I attend the midyear and annual meetings

The American Bar Association’s 2012 midyear meeting was in New Orleans and I had the opportunity to “live blog”  and tweet from the floor of the House of Delegates.  My live blogging was my attempt at providing “real-time” highlights of the meeting.

Now, a little more than a month after the meeting I am proud to share my full report from the meeting.  You can read my Report from the 2012 ABA Midyear Meeting by clicking here.  I was able to prepare this report with significant help from the House of Delegates Select Committee.

The ABA’s 2012 Annual meeting is in Chicago, Illinois from August 2 through August 7.  You can register for the meeting by clicking here.  The House of Delegates is scheduled to meet on August 6th  and 7th.  I am more than willing to answer questions about the ABA’s House of Delegates and its work, so please feel free to contact me or call me (856) 546-1350 with any questions.

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  1. […] The ABA’s Annual Meeting is in Chicago, Illinois this year.  Rick DeMichele will be attending this weekend and early next week as part of his duties a Delegate to the American Bar Association’s House of Delegates ”HOD”.  Rick first served in the House of Delegates in 2002 when the body met in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Most recently Rick attended the ABA’s Midyear meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana.  You can review his 2012  Midyear Meeting Report. […]

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