An end to driver’s licenses as we know them in New Jersey?

Big changes could be coming for New Jersey drivers in the very near future, or at least pertaining to how we’re licensed.

Here are two things to keep your eyes on throughout the new year:

nj drivers license(1) New Jersey driver’s licenses might not be good for much – besides driving! – by the end of 2016.

This week, the federal government granted a limited, 9-month extension of an exemption for the State of New Jersey to comply with the 9/11-era REAL ID Act.

What does it mean? Without the exemption, New Jersey driver’s license and non-driver ID holders wouldn’t have been able to use them to gain access to most federal facilities, including military bases like the Fort Dix Joint Base in Burlington County, or possibly even board a commercial airplane effective January 10th.

The issue has already been heavily-litigated. Back in May 2012, the ACLU succeeded in blocking New Jersey’s attempt to implement the program. It remains to be seen if the state tries again. If they do, your license might be changing in the very near future…

License and Registration(2) …assuming New Jersey still issues physical driver’s licenses?

It’s an open question! Legislation (S-2695) has already cleared New Jersey’s State Senate that would get the ball rolling on electronic driver licenses. A hearing is scheduled today before the Assembly Transportation Committee. The new licenses could take the form of a smart phone application that drivers could download with secure information. Stay tuned…

We’ll continue to keep you in the loop as both situations develop.

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