Traffic Court Attoneys in South JerseyThere can be no doubt that Driving While Suspended, NJSA 39:3-40, is a serious traffic offense.  In New Jersey a conviction of Driving While Suspended can lead to substantial fines, increased loss of driving privilege and jail.  The statute, NJSA 39:3-40, is legally complex and can be difficult to understand.  You need to protect your liberty and your economic welfare. Contact DeMichele and DeMichele  at (856) 546-1350 for a free confidential consultation to discuss your charges and the consequences of a conviction. Our lawyers represent individuals who have received a summons or been arrested for Driving While Suspended throughout South Jersey including, Pennsauken, Haddonfield, Cherry Hill, Washington Township, Vineland, Mt. Laurel, Marlton, Waterford, Evesham, Gloucester Township, Collingswood, Waterford, Voorhees, Winslow Township.   Defending Our Clients Charged with Driving While Suspended.   Was your license suspended because you owed money? Some drivers have lost their driving privilege even though they have a perfect driving record and have never been stopped by the police.  Your New Jersey driver’s license can be suspended because you owe money to the State. Under New Jersey law, you driving privilege can be suspended for: Failure to pay child support, Failure to pay parking tickets, Failure to pay MVC or “DMV” surcharges, Failure to carry motor vehicle insurance, Failure to pay a license restoration fee. If you license has been suspended because of overdue financial obligations our attorneys can often obtain a reduced charge that often involves a just a minimal fine. Did you know you were suspended? You may not even realize that the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) suspended your driving privilege.  The MVC is obligated to send a Scheduled Suspension Notice to you. If you did not receive the MVC Notice you may have a viable defense to the charge.  We routinely help clients who are stopped for a minor traffic violation only to find out their driving privileges have been suspended and they charged with driving while suspended. In these cases the prosecutor has the obligation to demonstrate the MVC took reasonable steps to inform you of your suspension. Was your license suspended because of MVC Points? If you have 12 or more MVC Points your New Jersey driver’s license will be suspended. Our attorneys will examine the previous convictions for evidence that there were errors in those cases. There may be grounds to argue that the license suspension was not valid. Don’t just plead guilty!  If you have been charged in New Jersey with Driving While Suspended (NJSA 39:3-40), contact DeMichele and DeMichele at (856) 546-1350 to schedule a free and confidential consultation.   We are ready to prepare a vigorous defense for you.