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We previously posted that the Assembly Judiciary Committee of the New Jersey State Legislature voted unanimously to send on two bills that would criminalize direct solicitation letters by lawyers in Municipal Court cases as 3rd degree crimes. It was commonly referred to as the “anti-solicitation” bill. Violation of the provisions of the bill would be a crime of the third degree (punishable by a term of imprisonment of three to five years, a fine of up to $15,000, or both.)

The Legislature found that the practice of sending intrusive and unwarranted solicitation letters constituted an invasion of privacy and increased the public’s mistrust and suspicion of the legal profession. Through the legislative process the bill was amended to only prohibit the solicitation of accident victims. However, Governor Christie did not agree with the legislature. The Governor did not sign the bill, effectively killing it in what is referred to as a “pocket veto”.

For now, the public will still be bombarded with form letters from attorneys every time they receive a traffic ticket or are involved in an accident. At DeMichele & DeMichele, we don’t send form letters. Instead, we make the state prove its case …. beyond a reasonable doubt! If you have received a ticket and want to speak to a lawyer who will mount an aggressive defense to your charges contact us or call (856) 546-1350.


Post Author: Greg DeMichele

Gregory P. DeMichele is a seasoned litigator, devoting a substantial part of his practice to municipal court, family law and personal injury matters.