New Jersey tractor trailer accidents

Understanding what to do when a large truck causes a big change in your life We’ve all seen them on the news even if we haven’t had their impact touch us directly. The most grisly traffic accidents are often those involving commercial trucks including so-called tractor trailers. Around 100,000 Americans are injured every single year, […]

Reckless vs. Careless Driving in New Jersey

Why did I get a Reckless/Careless Driving Ticket? You have been in an auto accident. The damage to both cars is minimal and you believe that the other vehicle may have been at fault. The police arrive at the scene and, to your complete surprise, they issue you a ticket. Not just any ticket, but […]

Protecting yourself in New Jersey Municipal Court with a Civil Reservation

New Jersey Supreme Court defines procedure for civil reservations The New Jersey Supreme Court has issued its decision in Madia vs Kuskin clarifying when a civil reservation is valid and enforceable. We will discuss the implication of this case below, but first, it may be helpful to to discuss what New Jersey civil reservations. For those […]

Defendant Wins Appeal After Sentenced to Jail

New Jersey Municipal Court Defendant Successful on Appeal After Sentenced to Jail and License Suspension for Careless Driving In this particular case, the municipal court judge sentenced the defendant to a suspension of driving privileges for ninety days, fines and costs totaling $241, and a fifteen-day jail term. After reviewing the facts of the case, […]

Legal Roundup: Texting and New Jersey Law

Texting and the evolving New Jersey Law Last week I had the opportunity to speak with KYW’s Dave Madden about the implications of texting someone who is driving after the Kubert v Best decision.  Many of the firm’s clients and my friends heard the radio interview and were kind enough to let me know they […]

Update: Legislator Moves to Curb Texting Liability

Monmouth County Assemblywoman to Introduce New Legislation in Aftermath of Controversial Texting Ruling from New Jersey Appellate Court One of this week’s most widely-discussed news stories — both in New Jersey and nationwide — originated from a New Jersey Appellate Court. You’ll recall that two members of a three-judge panel ruled that “when a texter knows […]

Rick DeMichele Interviewed by Dave Madden on CBS News Radio

KYW’s Dave Madden Gets Rick DeMichele’s Thoughts on New Texting and Driving Decision in New Jersey Yesterday the New Jersey Appellate Division released it’s decision in the Kubert vs. Best case.  The case dealt with civil or tort liability of a sender of a text message to a driver of an automobile who became distracted […]

Motorcycle Accidents: Often Two Cases in One

New Jersey victims of motorcycle accidents might need to undertake multifaceted court case on the road to recovery Whether you broke your wrist tripping on a cracked sidewalk or suffered a leg fracture while exiting an amusement park ride, a personal injury accident can be life-changing no matter how it happens. Personal injuries involving motorcycles can prove especially […]

How does the New Jersey “Verbal Threshold” Affect My Personal Injury Case?

When buying a New Jersey auto insurance policy, New Jersey drivers are compelled to select either the “verbal threshold” or “zero threshold” option.  In actuality, unless you affirmatively choose the “zero threshold” you are given the “verbal threshold”. Mos people are encouraged to select “verbal threshold” because they are told it translates to lower auto insurance rates. […]

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