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Rooney to discuss topics ranging from emancipation and college contribution to enforcement and recent legal developments

Matt Rooney, Esq.
Matt Rooney, Esq.
DeMichele & DeMichele attorneys regularly participate in seminars, forums, and other legal education activities to help further the legal community and general public’s understanding of key concepts in the areas in which they practice. On Thursday, April 7th, firm attorney Matt Rooney will lead a child support continuing legal education (CLE) seminar on all aspect of New Jersey child support at Tavistock Country Club located in Camden County. Prior to joining DeMichele & DeMichele, P.C. as an associate, Matt Rooney served as Law Clerk to the Honorable Nan S. Famular, J.S.C. of the New Jersey Superior Court, Family Part in Camden County, for the 2010-2011 term. Matt’s child support seminar will focus on topics including:
  • A brief history of child support
  • What are the New Jersey Child Support Guidelines? And how do they work?
  • Ascertaining the right income to use
  • Unemployment and underemployment
  • What else goes into the support analysis?
  • Modifying awards as circumstances change
  • Going off-guidelines
  • Enforcement techniques and methods
  • Emancipation and recent changes to the law
  • Q&A with a case study hypothetical scenarios
New Jersey attorneys interest in attending the seminar can find a registration form HERE. Do you have questions about your New Jersey child support case? Help is only a quick phone call or e-mail away. We’re here to walk you through the process and achieve a best-case outcome given the facts of your case. If you have any questions regarding the determination of income for child support, or family court matters generally in New Jersey, please contact us online today or call (856) 546-1350 for a confidential consultation with one of our skilled family court lawyers. ______
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