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Coverage for New Jersey’s Constitutional Amendment

Yesterday, we discussed the New Jersey Legislature’s response to the decision in the DePasquale case.  The New Jersey State Bar Association is on record with its opposition to a constitutional amendment that would require judges to contribute towards their benefits.  After unanimous support in the state Senate and nearly unanimous support in the state Assembly,New Jersey voters will have an opportunity in November to cast a vote that would allow the state Legislature to require judges to contribute to their employment benefits.

There has been a great amount of  media coverage on yesterday’s legislative vote in Trenton.   Some of the coverage addresses the impact of the proposed constitutional amendment on the independence of the judiciary while other coverage focuses on judges contributing further benefits like every other public worker New Jersey.

Here is a “roundup” of of the press coverage:

Star-Ledger: Loophole in proposed constitutional amendment puts judges at risk

Wall Street Journal:  Judge Benefit Fight Moves to Ballot Box

CBS news: NJ voters could decide on judges’ benefits

NJ Spotlight: Legislature Hands Down Speedy Verdict: Judges Should Pay

Herald News: Herald News: Judges and benefits

Philadelphia Inquirer: In bipartisan move, Legislature puts judges’ benefit contributions on the ballot

Atlantic Highlands Herald: Voters May Decide Fate of Judges Pensions and Benefits Contribution



Post Author: Rick DeMichele

Richard A. DeMichele, Jr. is a seasoned litigator, devoting a substantial part of his practice to family law and personal injury matters.