New Jersey Courts and Judges


Family Law

  Alimony Elkouss v. Elkouss  –  Retirement does not automatically terminate alimony. Lepis v. Lepis  – Alimony modification. Naik vs. Naik Love vs. Love Ducey vs. Ducey  – No Standard Language at Trial.   2A:34-23: New Jersey’s Alimony and Maintenance Statute   Child Support Clement vs. Clement – Child Support Guidelines and Children in College.   New Jersey Court Rule 5:6A. Child Support Guidelines  New Jersey Child Support Guidelines Appendix IX-A Paragraph 9   Child Custody Fehnel v. Fehnel – The Courts Role in Contested Custody Cases. O’Connor v. O’Connor – Child Relocation   Equitable Distribution Mahoney v.  Mahoney – A professional degree is not marital property   Civil Union  Lewis v. Harris – Same Sex Couples Entitled to Equal Protection

Criminal Law

United States vs. Antoine Jones – 4th Amendment   DWI/DUI State vs. Jane H. Chun  – Reliability of the Alcotest State vs. Nicole M. Holland   – Reliability of Temperature Probe State v. Edward Silva  – Jurisdictional Limits of Municipal Court State v. Donfield –  Temperature Probe Decision in Holland Upheld State v. Filson   Expungement In Re M.L., Petitioner for Expungement  – Expungement of Medical Records Expungement; Definition in New Jersey NJSA 2C:52-1 Expungement of Indictable Offenses in New Jersey NJSA 2C:52-2. Expungement of Disorderly and Petty Disorderly Persons Offenses NJSA 2C:52-3  

Personal Injury

Auto Idowu Adesina vs. Eddie Santana, Jr. – Verbal Threshold does not prohibit economic damages   Slip an Fall Ethel Gray v. Caldwell Wood Products, Inc. – Slip and fall injuries at vacant commercial properties Harold Stewart v. 104 Wallace Street, Inc. – Commercial landowner responsible for injuries on abutting sidewalk


Burlington County – Notice to Family Law Bar – January 2012 ABA House of Delegates, Summary of Resolutions, 2012 Annual Meeting