Can I record my soon-to-be former spouse?

By Matt Rooney _ It is not unusual for divorcing spouses to want to know whether it’s okay to record — with video or audio — the other party. And as is the case with many questions in the legal arena? The answer is complicated and often highly circumstantial. First and foremost, you should always consult […]

“I Have a Dream”

On the Day Named For Him, We Remember and Reflect on the Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Today, to honor the memory of Martin Luther King, Jr. we are sharing two videos of the “I Have a Dream Speech.”    The first video is the full version which is 17-minutes in length, and the second […]

When Getting Pulled Over During the Holidays is Actually a Jolly Experience…

Innovative Local Michigan Police Department Hands Out Christmas Presents Instead of Traffic Tickets Getting pulled over for a traffic stop is rarely fun. The creative police department in Lowell, Michigan wanted to change that by initiating a holiday experiment. The grand plan: they’d pull motorists over for relatively minor infractions (e.g. an illegally-tinted window), but instead […]

D&D Attorney Analyzes ‘Gun Restraining Order’ Proposal on Fox 29

ROONEY: Process Proposed by Senator “[c]ould actually take months and cost you a lot of money and court time to get your weapons back” DeMichele & DeMichele attorney Matt Rooney visited with the Fox29/My9’s Chasing New Jersey on Monday to discuss a controversial new proposal from the New Jersey legislature whereby an individual could obtain a ‘gun restraining order’ allowing police […]

D&D’s Matt Rooney Discusses Morris County’s Rachel Canning Case

Teenager’s Controversial New Jersey Support Case Continues to Make International Headlines DeMichele & DeMichele attorney Matt Rooney once again visited with the Fox29/My9’s Chasing New Jersey on Thursday to discuss the latest developments in the Rachel Canning family court drama… You can watch Matt’s segment here: My9 New Jersey Text of some of Matt’s comments from the segment:

DeMichele Discusses Bystander Liability on Fox 29

Assessing What Happens When a New Jersey Bystander Decides Not to Act A recent fatal stabbing in troubled Camden, New Jersey set off a mini-media firestorm when a surveillance camera revealed passing motorists appearing to witness the crime but failing to intervene in any way. Police are now looking for the driver(s) to find out […]

DUI Checkpoint Video Goes Viral

Controversial Videotaped Checkpoint Stop Demonstrates Complexities of DUI/DWI Law One 4th of July weekend DUI/DWI checkpoint in far away Tennessee has made national news over the weekend when a motorist hid a camera in the passenger seat and decided to test the extent of his constitutional rights. The edited video of this encounter now has […]

Understanding the Man Behind Abraham Lincoln

DeMichele & DeMichele Celebrates Presidents’ Day We hope many of you are enjoying a relaxing day off from work in honor of our American Presidents, notably, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln who shared February birthdays. We’re in the office today working for our clients but we also like to take a moment every Presidents’ Day […]

Pearl Harbor Day

71 years ago today, 353 Japanese war planes attacked the U.S. naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, and brought the United States into World War II. This Pearl Harbor Day, DeMichele & DeMichele honors those brave American veterans who fought for our country in WWII and every armed conflict since: Read the text of FDR’s […]

What not to do! The Legal Edition

Actually the Law Can Be Funny It’s the weekend and from time to time we like to share the lighter side of the law.  Saturday is a time to take a break from the serious side of  the law and have some “legal” fun. Below are two videos that demonstrate “what not to do” when it […]

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