A Brief Introduction to New Jersey’s Statutes of Limitations

Plenty of prospective clients here at DeMichele & DeMichele call our office to schedule an initial consultation and want to know whether or not they have a case. What too few of them ask? How long he or she has to file a claim before it’s too late for all intents and purposes. We refer to this concept as the […]

$195,000.00 Recovery for a Slip and Fall Victim

Firm Collects $195,000 for a Woman Who Fell Down Three Steps Our firm was recently successful in in obtaining a $195,000 recovery for our client who fell down three steps leading out of her living room down to a concrete paver patio. This was a particularly satisfying case for us because we were successfully able to sue […]

New Jersey Burn Injuries

Fire, Explosions Or Even Hot Surfaces Can Result in Life-Changing Damages Most non-lawyers think of car accidents when the phrase “personal injury” is invoked, but some of the most severe and damaging injuries have relatively simple but destructive causes. According to the United States Fire Administration, the U.S. experienced 364,500 residential fires in 2011 (the most […]

Motorcycle Accidents: Often Two Cases in One

New Jersey victims of motorcycle accidents might need to undertake multifaceted court case on the road to recovery Whether you broke your wrist tripping on a cracked sidewalk or suffered a leg fracture while exiting an amusement park ride, a personal injury accident can be life-changing no matter how it happens. Personal injuries involving motorcycles can prove especially […]

Firm Gets Favorable Arbitration Award for Client

Salem County Arbitration Panel Awards Car Crash Victim $65,806.56 Yesterday, the firm represented a client who was the victim of a rear end collision at non-binding arbitration in Salem County.  The two attorney arbitration panel awarded our client $65,806.56.  The award is non binding which means either the plaintiff or the defendant can reject the award and proceed to a jury trial. The case involved a client who had was stopped […]

Merry Christmas from DeMichele & DeMichele

 Twas the Night Before Christmas On behalf of the entire DeMichele & DeMichele team, we want to wish each and every one of you a very merry Christmas 2012!  Our office is now closed and will re-open on Wednesday, December 26, 2012.  Until that time it is best to contact us by -e-mail. Christmas is a […]

Ladder Safety in the Holiday Season

Think Safety When Installing or Removing Holiday Decorations You know the Christmas season is upon us when it gets dark out side before 5 PM and yet the nighttime is still lit up with plenty of Christmas lights.  While the lights are beautiful they usually require a ladder for their installation. Unfortunately, according to the […]

Not Amused? When Your Trip to a New Jersey Amusement Park Results in Personal Injury

Understanding New Jersey Personal Injury Law — and Your Rights — at Garden State Amusement Parks and Carnivals Summer is here! That means amusement parks, church fairs and travelling carnivals are opening for the season across New Jersey. Some of the best memories of childhood originate on exotically-named rides, in line at cotton candy stands, and at gimmicky game booths that populate amusement theme parks, water […]

Slip and Fall Liability is Expanding for New Jersey’s Vacant Commercial Building Owners

Owners of Vacant Commercial Buildings Have a Duty to Maintain and Repair Adjacent Sidewalks There can be no doubt: we are currently facing hard economic realities.   Businesses are struggling, and as a result, many have been forced to close their doors.  However, just because a business is no longer viable and open to the […]

How does the New Jersey “Verbal Threshold” Affect My Personal Injury Case?

When buying a New Jersey auto insurance policy, New Jersey drivers are compelled to select either the “verbal threshold” or “zero threshold” option.  In actuality, unless you affirmatively choose the “zero threshold” you are given the “verbal threshold”. Mos people are encouraged to select “verbal threshold” because they are told it translates to lower auto insurance rates. […]

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