Matt Rooney Named “Top Divorce & Family Attorney” by SJ Magazine

DeMichele & DeMichele, P.C. would like to congratulate our attorney and colleague Matt Rooney for being recognized as a 2018 “Top Attorney” by SJ Magazine. ___ SJ Magazine “Top Attorneys” are selected through a poll in which only fellow New Jersey attorneys are permitted to nominate and vote for their colleagues working in a variety of practice areas. Attorney are […]

Will federal tax reform kill the alimony deduction?

It now appears very likely that Congress will pass a tax reform package, one which the President will sign into law. What’s less clear is exactly what that final legislation will look like since the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate passed significantly different bills. That means a conference between the two separate houses […]

What is Alimony “Pendente Lite” in New Jersey?

The most commonly asked first question asked between a lawyer and their client during a divorce case concerns the financial situation between the spouses going forward. During many divorce cases, a single spouse struggles to support himself or herself and their children, too, all while the divorce proceedings drag on for months to a year. […]

Yes, a married couple’s savings habits factor into N.J. alimony

The actual assets you and your spouse own — homes, vehicles, bank account balances, retirement accounts, etc. — are subject to equitable distribution when you’re undergoing a divorce in New Jersey. That’s a different subject for a different divorce post. Today’s inquiry: Does a pattern of regular savings during the course of a marriage factor into […]

N.J. Supreme Court considers whether ex-wife deserves $2.25M post-divorce payout

What happens when the marriage ends but monies earned during the marriage arrive in your checking account or mailbox? The New Jersey Supreme Court is currently considering that question. Defendant Bernice Aucoin-Thieme wants New Jersey’s top court to rule that equitable distribution is based on a couple’s total time together and not just their married time […]

Lump Sum Alimony – Is it Right for You?

Is Lump Sum Alimony Right for You? Alimony (which is also commonly referred to as a spousal support or spousal maintenance) is usually paid at regular intervals. The fundamental purpose of alimony is to keep the financially dependent spouse in the lifestyle that was enjoyed during the course of the marriage. In many cases, this is […]

N.J. Court: Russian man can’t run from one family case while pressing another

By Matt Rooney, Esq. | DeMichele & DeMichele, P.C. The wheels of justice turn slowly. Everyone knows that. A New Jersey Appellate court recently added a new wrinkle: you can’t stop the wheel for one case while trying to speed-it-up for another related one. In the Matison v. Lisnyansky decision, which was just approved for publication on […]

What is the MESP? And what does it mean for my New Jersey divorce?

Matrimonial Early Settlement Panel (MESP) as a tool to move your divorce to its conclusion If you filed for divorce in New Jersey and don’t settle in the early days, then you’re going to participate in a unique process colloquially referred to by family law practitioners as an “MESP.” The what? For starters, this program is […]

New Jersey Enacts Alimony Reforms

Compromise Legislation Signed into Law, Placing Limits on Judicial Discretion in Awarding Spousal Support Governor Chris Christie signed A845 on Wednesday and, in so doing, dramatically changed aspects of how alimony (also referred to as “spousal support”) are determined in the State of New Jersey. I say “determined” instead of calculated for a reason; unlike […]

5 Tips for Dealing with Adultery and Your Divorce

The Impact of Adultery on Your Divorce If you are getting divorced because of an affair, or in part because of an affair, the following divorce tips concerning adultery may help guide you through the divorce process. Going through a divorce is an emotional time for anyone.  The emotions associated with a divorce — particularly when […]

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